Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts

bridesmaid thank you gifts

A wedding is an all important occasion and a day of sharing of joy with friends and family. Just as each bride is unique, so are each of her bridesmaids and it’s not uncommon for brides often show their appreciation for a friend’s role as a bridesmaid and to give a small token of their appreciation. There are so many wonderful gift ideas and to make it a bit easier, no matter what the venue or size of the wedding, and here are our Top 5 Tips for Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts.

Jewellery sets are often a winner as a present however they can be expensive even though a lovely earring and necklace set to wear with her bridesmaid’s dress is thoughtful and she can wear it on many other occasions too in the future. A charm bracelet commemorating the wedding can be personalised with charms that fit the individual bridesmaid’s personality.

A gift basket with your bridesmaid’s favourite beauty products, bath gel, lotions, a candle and a loofah will come in handy after the wedding so that she might relax and pamper herself. Every time she uses a product, she will be reminded of the beautiful wedding day and that she was a part of and of course your appreciation for her attendance.

Give her a personalised memento. A classic photo frame with her name etched on it and filled with a photo from the wedding of the two of you makes a great little present. Or a holiday ornament engraved with her name and the date of the wedding is perfect for a winter wedding. If you feel creative you can make a scrapbook for your bridesmaid and fill it with photos and reminders from the wedding.

Items of clothing and accessories are another great choice for a bridesmaid gift. Having a beach wedding? Buy a pair of funky flip-flops or a pair of sunglasses. A fun hat to keep the sun out of her face is perfect for an outdoor wedding in the summer months. Or perhaps best of all, a silk scarf dyed in your bridesmaid’s favourite colour is just right to show that you appreciate her.

Delicious treats or a favourite beverage is our final choice in the Top 5 Tips for Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts. Her favourite chocolate, sweets, a fruit basket or arrangement, a bottle of wine or sparkling juice are just a few things you can choose. Perhaps a mug with a sample coffee selection or a tea selection. Use your imagination and make it fun!

Thoughtfulness, consideration and a personal touch is all it takes to make your bridesmaid giggle in excitement when she receives your bridesmaid thank you gifts. One final thing to remember, is that it’s the thought that you put into the gift rather than the gift itself that makes it priceless.

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