Wedding Thank You Gifts

wedding thank you gifts

I am getting married in the spring! Josh and I have been dating for three years and he finally ask the big question. My family and his are both thrilled and we live in the same town and our fathers even coached sunday football together for our younger brothers several years ago. We are planning a big wedding, after all we have lots of friends and relatives in the area and there is really no other way. I do not want to forget anyone after all. Some of my best friends from comprehensive school are going to be in the ceremony. Josh will have his brother for his best man and I am asking my Aunt who is close to my age to be my maid of honor. We are having so much fun with the planning and lots of our friends are helping us pull this big event together. I want to remember to say thank you to them in a special way.

Wedding thank you gifts are something I have been thinking about a lot recently. I think a verbal thank you is nice, but I actually want to give wedding thank you gifts that they can keep and think of Josh and I over the years. It needs to be special, because I could not do this on my own and it’s for this reason that I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing for suitable presents which I’ve listed below…

Some of my bridesmaids are traveling from large distances to be part of the wedding day and this is another reason that wedding thank you gifts need to have some special thought put into them. A simple engraved piece of jewellery could be what I am looking for or maybe a beautiful frame with a poem put together by Josh and myself. Further, I want to include my parents and Josh’s also in the wedding thank you gifts. I know it is just one more thing to buy and take of. But what could be more important than saying thank you to the people who love you and are coming together to celebrate your special day.

I want my wedding to be a family sharing time where everyone will enjoy the day. I know people say it is all about me that day and I do want the focus to be on Josh and I, but I want others to enjoy the day to. After all this is our first day as a couple together and our first attendance at a family celebration. Hopefully over the years we will have many more.

I guess my idea of thank you gifts will have to be on hold at least for today, I am off to my first wedding shower that my cousin is planning for me. I want to enjoy every minute of all the activities because this is going to be my once in a life time day.

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