Personalised Stuffed Bunny Rabbit Toy

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I have to admit that I absolutely love this cute little bunny rabbit, perhaps that’s my feminine side coming out but I don’t care, he’s simply adorable! Couple him with the cute little t-shirt and your own custom message and this Personalised Stuffed Bunny Rabbit becomes a great gift for any girl or indeed woman. No matter what the occasion he’s a great way of saying thank you to that special person in your life, no matter what their age they’re sure to love how cute this bunny rabbit is in his personalised little t-shirt. Yes, as you may tell, I fell in love with this bunny the moment I saw him and have purchased a couple for my nieces birthdays in a few months, I’m sure they will absolutely love them. Further, I’ve even bought one for my very own, he sits on our bed during the day, guarding it from, umm, the cat I guess Hehe and whilst my other half is not too impressed with him I love it, absolutely love it! Despite my other halfs threats to dump mr bunny in the bin (how rude!), he still sits there proudly each day taking care of things in the bedroom.

The bear itself sits about 20cm tall so it’s a decent size without being too big and his t-shirt has a little velcro fastening on the back so it’s easy to remove it for washing purposes or such. The actual t-shirt itself can feature a name and your very own personalised message in two separate fonts and colours, which gives you ample room for maneuver with your message. Whether it be a heart-felt thanks or perhaps something a little more cheeky only you can decide based on the personality of the person who will be receiving mr bunny.

Looking further afield I think mr bunny rabbit would make a stunning gift for a younger bridesmaid or flower girl, heck, even us older girls love him! For me, cuteness is ageless and I would be quite happy giving this bunny to an elder relative for they key to this is the personalised t-shirt where you can add your own short message, essentially making this Personalised Bunny Rabbit suitable for any occasion or event, just add your personalised message and it’s good to go.

Overall this is a great little thank you gifts, suitable for all ages and most occasions, though admittedly perhaps more so for us girls than the boys. The hardest part about it would be choosing what to add as your personal message, and as i always say in such situations, it really doesn’t matter what it is that you add, just ensure that it’s honest and heartfelt and it will be a winner!

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