A Pair of Wine Glasses and a Bottle of Red Saint-Amour

red wine glasses

If you’re fond of the occasional glass of wine then you no doubt enjoy relaxing after a hard days work with your favourite bottle, and of course there is nothing wrong with that! After all you thoroughly deserve it and it’s these guilty (or perhaps not so guilt) pleasures that put the cherry on top of the cake of life. Perhaps you enjoy sharing a few glasses of wine with friends and family, or someone who you would like to say thanks too. In which case, what better way to say thank you to someone special than to surprise them with a bottle of red wine and a pair of cut crystal wine glasses for them to enjoy it from?

The two cut crystal glasses come complete with their own fantastic satin lined box which makes them great for presentation as a gift, and of course they also come with a 75cl bottle of Red Wine from the Juillard family and their vineyard in Saint-Amour, France. And the best thing is that you can personalise each of the glasses with your very own message to the that special person in your life, whether that may be a message of simply thanks, or something a little more intricate (albeit up to 50 chars at most!). This is the key for me with this gift, the personalisation that it offers will help to show that you truly are grateful for whatever the person has done, and that you have taken the time to put considerable thought into what you want to say to that person.

The wine itself is a cheeky little number with a hint of cherries and sweet spices and is best served at room temperature. Yes, i know, what can i say, my friend and i really enjoyed sharing this wine thought i have to admit… we weren’t the intended recipients of it! However a quick trip to a local fine winery and we were able to replace the bottle before wrapping the gift, cheeky i know but it still made a perfect gift that was well received indeed. Even once fully enjoyed, the glasses remain as a keepsake for years to come and will serve as a reminder of your thanks each and every time the recipient raises a glass to their lips, sweet huh? This is a great little thank you gift for those who like to relax with a nice glass of wine, thoroughly recommended.

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