Engraved Photo Album With Cute Little Gold Bow

silver plated photo album

Is there any better way for someone to reminisce than by flicking through a photo album full of memories, with each page and photo prompting individual memories of a special occasion? No, i can’t think of one either, which is why photo albums have long been seen as popular gifts ti give, whether in thanks or otherwise. There is just something so pleasing about memories, especially as we enter the golden years of our lives and we have a vast bank of memories to draw upon, occasionally we may forget some and of course it brings joy to the heart to be reminded of these good times. It’s from this area of gifting that we bring todays review of this gorgeous silver plated photo album, complete with pretty little gold bow. The first thing that struck us was not only how adorable it looks, but also it’s somewhat chunky size, i mean this thing looks more like a book than your standard album!

With room for up to 100 individual 4″ x 6″ photos you have tons of room to perhaps add a few fave photos of you and the gift receiver or indeed any other images that may be of sentimental value to them. As you may have come to expect from us, this photo album has a number of ways in which you can personalise the gift. For example the front cover of the album can have engraved upon it your very own personal message to the person, whether that’s a simple thank you or something more elaborate is entirely up to you. Keeping with the front cover of the album, it can also double as a photo frame, complete with glass cover where you can mount your very own photo which we think is a really neat touch and helps this album stand out from the numerous others that are available today. The cute little gold bow on the front cover simply adds to the beauty of this gift.

Like me you have probably received a photo album as a gift in the past, which is fine, however I often think just how underused such a gift is! What I mean by this is that with the simple addition of a few photos already into the album it can make the gift so much more than just a bare photo album. It’s often these little touches that show through and let the receiver of the gift know that you have truly taken time to ensure your gift makes them as happy as can be, and that my friends is something truly valuable. So where others may see a traditional and perhaps safe gift, I see a beautiful personalised bank of memories! Well, perhaps that’s the optimist in me but truly, I believe with a little personalisation and the inclusion of a few special, or even humorous, photos of you and the person who is to receive the gift, then you can turn it into a truly special thank you gift.

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