An Engraved Crystal Star for that Star In Your Life

engraved crystal star

If someone has been a star for you, a rock, always there and reliable then why not show your appreciation with an engraved crystal star? Whilst quite an unusual gift i have to say this really stood out when i came across it as something truly unique and with the addition of a few lines of text, perhaps with regards to a memory shared by you both or just a simple message of thanks, this gift can be transformed into something truly memorable. Another thing that really stood out about this gift was that it can be used for many different occasions, whether thanking a friend or family member, a teacher or a co-worker the options are endless and is sure to be appreciated especially when you add your own personal message to the receiver. Just imagine the look on said persons face when they unwrap their beautifully boxed gift and find this crystal star complete with personal message from you, i know for sure that if it was me receiving it I’d be over the moon with this unique gift and it will look great on an office desk or bookshelf, though it’s perhaps not to everyone’s tastes and as such may not end up in pride of place on the mantlepiece!

This is one gift that crosses the line between personal gift and corporate gift, by this i mean it would be equally at home being given to each of your employees as a way of saying thanks and would also be equally at home given, for example, to your dad as a thank you present for all those years of taxing you about! For whatever reason and whoever you decide to present with this unique gift it’s sure to be well received and treasured for years to come, earning a special place in the receivers heart.

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