Cut Crystal Whisky Tumblers

crystal whisky tumblers

My fiancĂ©e says there is nothing better than getting home after a hard days work than to relax with a glass of his favourite tipple and to spend time with his family. Yes, he’s lucky he added that last bit or he would have been in trouble! However I have to agree with him, some days when everything seems to be going wrong at work I just want to curl up in a ball and relax with a nice glass of wine. Well you can probably see where this is going by now, and of course you will need some fine glassware if you are to enjoy your tipple at its best. Thankfully however, this pair of engraved cut crystal whisky tumblers is ideal for just that and of course they make stunning thank you gifts for perhaps an elder relative or teacher who likes to relax with a glass of fine scotch.

The glasses themselves are made of a high quality crystal glass and can be hand engraved with your own personalised message of up to 50 characters, which makes them ideal to add a simple “thank you” message to the glasses or perhaps the name of the person in question and I’m sure you have your own idea’s on what exactly it is that you want to say to that person. It doesn’t stop there though, each pair of glasses comes with their own beautiful silk lined gift box to keep the contents safe and secure when not in use, as well as serving as a pretty presentation case for the glasses. The combination of the fine quality glass, hand engraving and presentation box makes these tumblers the ideal thank you gift for any drinker, whatever the occasion may be. We recently gave a set of these tumblers, complete with bottle of his favourite whisky, to our elder neighbour as a little thanks to him and he was over the moon with it. Indeed him and my other half stayed up late talking football and sipping their whisky whilst i made my excuses and headed to bed (I’m not a big drinker at the best of times but particularly not spirits!).

Over all these cut crystal whisky tumblers make an ideal gift for the whiskey lover, whether as a thanks or perhaps as a retirement gift to a valued colleague and will be fondly remembered each and every time the receiver raises a glass to their lips to taste their favourite tipple.

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