New Ribbon
crystal whisky tumblers

A great little thank you gift for anyone who enjoys a little tipple after a hard days work, complete with hand engraved personal message and gift box.

silver plated photo album

This gorgeous silver plated photo album has plenty of room to add some favourite photos and can be engraved with your very own personalised message of thanks.

red wine glasses

For an elegant gift, why not try this personalised cut glasses and red wine set? Beautifully packaged in a silk lined box and complete with red wine it makes a stunning gift for those who enjoy the occasional tipple.

personalised bunny rabbit image

One of the cutest gifts we’ve seen, the personalised stuffed bunny rabbit is certain to bring out ooohs and aaaahs, not to mention making a great gift.


This traditional ceramic figurine offers a pretty little gift to show your appreciation for that special person you wish to give thanks to.

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Welcome to Thank You Gifts

When you receive a gift from someone or you are given an opportunity by a friend, family member or employer, it is only courteous to send them a gift and such thank you gifts are a nice way to show another that you are appreciative of what they have done for you and that you would like to return their kindness. Gifts can vary depending on the person or occasion in which you are giving, for example common presents for a women would be flowers, a card, or sweets. Maybe even all 3! A good idea for a male gift would be something such as a card, a tie, or maybe tickets to watch the big football match! Often, such presents can be something as simple as a nice pen or a coffee mug.

Shopping for thank you gifts isn't a hard task and is only limited by your imagination as many small shops and bargain stores have a great variety of things to choose from without breaking the bank. That is of course, unless you really want to splash out. If you're not the type of person who likes to go out and shop, you can browse our range of gifts and you are bound to find something that fits both your taste and budget. Gift cards and subscriptions are also a great idea for thank you gifting. The key to good gifting is truly knowing what the persons likes and what their interests are so that you can find a gift that is sure to fit their tastes. The last thing you want is to spend your time looking for the right gift and the person who receives it doesn't even like it! Whilst good etiquette involves showing thanks when others show you gratitude, as i'm sure you're aware, the best gift items are a wanted gift. No matter what the occasion be it saying thanks to someone for help with a baby or child or thanks for attending an anniversary party, the simple act of saying thanks goes a long way.

Presents that say thanks to kids or younger adults may prove to be a little more difficult for some. Good present ideas for kids are things such as a yo-yo, a board game, or perhaps sweets. Kids aren't too picky and will really just appreciate the fact that you said thanks! Teens on the other hand are into things such as i-pod cases, downloading music, or maybe even a ticket to the latest teen movie. Another great idea for teens are gift cards or vouchers to websites where they can download games, ringtones, and videos for their phones and MP3 players. Giving thank you gifts can be an enjoyable task if you take the time to do it right. Remember that the person receiving it has taken the time to show you their appreciation and they deserve to be shown appreciation in return.